Banana Soft Serve

Posted by : Sustainable / On : 06-Jun-2023

Are you someone who puts bananas in the freezer with best intentions of making banana bread? Well. Here’s an awesome way to use those frozen bananas .. BANANA SOFT SERVE 



The wonderful warm weather is coming and this is a fantastic simple recipe to cool down and indulge without feeling a crazy sugar rush.

 It takes seconds to prepare! You need next to nothing. 

 I love chocolate and peanut butter ice cream and this is my new favourite go to when I have an ice cream craving.

 2 frozen bananas

 1 tsp of cacao powder

 1 tbsp peanut butter


Chop up the bananas,

 add the cacao and peanut butter

You can add anything .. nuts, fruit, hazelnut spread

Mix in a food processor or high speed blender until bananas are completely blended .. 30 seconds to 1 minute .. best enjoyed immediately!



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